Sunday, 6 February 2011

Things I Miss

Some memories are so strong, you can't help reliving them in your mind over and over again. Not all those memories are happy ones, but for the most I think the times or things I miss the most are the pleasurable ones. So now, deep into winter with February inching by, I'm enjoying these thoughts of things past:

John Mayer, February 14, 2010

I didn't realize it's been almost a year since we've seen him in concert. Even though I appreciated Coldplay's performance much more, it was still a great experience to see Mayer playing. He truly is a spectacular musician/guitarist. Also, he's beautiful.
And speaking of Coldplay, I miss them too:

The beach.
I love the beach; I miss it.
The sound of the waves on the sand, the smell of sunscreen lotion and french fries, the light glimmering off the water, the feel of sand in your toes.
I love it all.

The brothers.
There's something comforting about having a brother around to talk to. They're protective, caring, they're insightful when it comes to understanding guys...generally they're easy going compared to girls, and they usually have their emotions under control. I miss having their unbiased opinions about things.

Summer--every single thing about it. The heat, the sun, the long days, the warm evenings, camping, sunscreen lotion, eating on patios, bathing in the warm sunshine, wearing flip flops and sun dresses, seeing the sunrise and sunset...
I cannot WAIT for summer.

This is self explanatory.

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