Sunday, 27 February 2011

We're all broken**

I think we're all walking around pretending that we're okay, facades covering our true natures, playing the game of life and acting like all is okay...when in truth, we're every single one of us hurting and broken from something or another that we've gone through in life.

I know these sentences probably don't make much sense. I went through a bit of a shaking up, a reality storm so to speak, yesterday and now I feel like there's no point in putting on a mask and faking it. Yeah, we're damaged. I carry baggage around with me no matter where I am or who I'm' It's part of what makes us who we are.

People around us--relationships we're in--they hurt us. It's inevitable and the sooner you accept that (even though I know that sounds so cynical), the happier you will be with life.

Strange how yesterday morning I was a different person than I am now. Not dramatically different, I haven't morphed into a completely altered person, but I definitely have been changed to some extent. That's what people you care about do to you...they change you, sometime for better and sometimes for worse.

I don't know what I'm saying right now. It's okay. We'll move along and take each moment as it comes. I'll hang on to whatever I can.

In that spirit:

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