Thursday, 3 March 2011

Bust Yo Ass

I'm finally back to the gym again! With the beautiful spring weather, I was motivated to get back into least back to the fitness level I was at during summer 2010. So I'm running on the treadmill and following a weight training program from this book:

Awesome book! It has detailed work out plans ranging from beginners to advanced and each weight exercise has a detailed how-to description and a picture which shows you exactly what position you should be in when lifting weights. I'm a huge fan of free weights as opposed to weight machines and this book is definitely a must-have if you are too.

Anyway, getting back on that treadmill and running felt like I was coming home. It's never too late to start getting fit, so I encourage you to take that step and become active in some way, shape, or form this spring.

A rousing song to get you in an ass kicking mood:

Or if you're not a fan of heavy music, here's another tune I enjoy running to:

It's a little more happy/feel good.

Go out there and seize the day! And remember:

"Success in life is only as important as the people you share it with."
-Geoff Bussetil

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