Wednesday, 20 April 2011

weird doctors and banana sculptures

Today at work was weird.

I almost fell asleep at my desk (again). It appears I am hitting some sort of wall every day around 4:30 pm. I'm not sure what it is or why, but noise started fading in an out and I had that strange humming you get in your ears right before you're about to drift off and there's lots of noise happening around you.

Forced my eyes open when my boss came around the nursing station pretending to be friendly and nice. Internal muttering and cursing occurred.

Later in the day, the strangest thing. A surgeon and his resident was sitting at my desk, using my computer and my phone, when the patient call bell rang and I leaned in between him and the nurse next to him to grab it.

I guess he didn't like that because he was talking to the nurse and I was (very temporarily) blocking their conversation. He literally grabbed my hip and shoved me back out of his way while saying, "Tsshhttt tshhhtt tsshhht, I'm talking to her". It was the strangest thing ever.

First, the "tsshttt's" were strange. It wasn't even an English noise. He came here from Israel, so I think it may have been a sound of annoyance in Hebrew? It was strange, as I said.
Second, grabbing my hip/side? I have big and unattractive hips. Why would he touch me there? He could have just tapped my arm or shoulder. Nope, he went right in and grabbed my hip/abdomen region.
Third, I don't even know him! He's only been cutting with our floor for about two months, maybe. We've never had a conversation before.

I backed away from the desk right away and was like, "Well, I'm trying to answer this call" and walked away. He must have known what he did was kinda odd because he smiled at me later when he said goodnight. I just stared sternly at him.

People are...well...I just...ODD. REALLY ODD.
Speaking of odd, check out the picture below.

A sculpture made out of a banana:

Apparently this is what Asian people do. You can see more of them here.


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