Monday, 5 September 2011

checking in

To all my lovely readers (if there are still any managing to make it through these tedious entries):

I have been, unfortunately, without a home computer for perhaps almost a week... I'm not exactly sure when the unfortunate day was that my computer ceased to function... All I know is that there is almost 500G on that now defunct hard drive that I am hoping *fingers crossed* I'll be able to access when I get a hard drive reader.

Also, I am now faced with the deliberation that inevitably accompanies choosing a new desktop.  I've had a laptop for a while and have decided that desktops are far more superior... Now the shopping that will commence.  Computers have changed so much since I bought my last one... I'm avidly reading and following different sales, hoping to pick up a cheap yet well functioning one somewhere.

Speaking of computers...

I visited the new Apple store in Mapleview Mall on Saturday.  To be honest, it wasn't that exciting.  I love iPods, but I'm really not a fan of Apple computers.  The PC is so much easier to understand and to navigate, mainly because I've grown up using them.  (Ironically, I'm borrowing M's family Apple laptop thing--I don't know the official name of it.) 

Anyway, the Apple stuff had an interesting set up with regards to the interactiveness people get to experience when browsing their products.  What other store allows you to surf the internet and access your email from their products?  I believe that is partially what makes the Apple stores such a novelty among consumers--they encourage consumers to test out their products and give them full rein of the store. Minus actually carrying unpaid products outside their doors:)

Hmm, what else would the great wide cyber world be interested in hearing?

The weather has grown much chillier very quickly.  Autumn seems to be coming in with a bang, although I believe it doesn't officially begin until the 20th or 21st.  I never know the days seasons change on and usually the change isn't confined to those specific days anyway.  One thing I am looking forward to is the winter...the beginning of winter, anyway.  February is usually the worst month of the year for me, but I am confident that I will find it easier to make it through with the help of my wonderful Person.  

It is an ineffable joy to be in a relationship, to have a special person in one's life, to know that someone cares and someone is thinking of you. I find such happiness in considering the fact that I belong to someone in a way and they belong to me...or at the very least, belong with me.  It's a heartening feeling, knowing I don't have to face the troubles and issues in this world alone, including the long, drawn out and dark days of February.

Second day in a row going for a run!  Even though I've had a cramp in my foot the entire day, I still managed to get a twenty minute run in.  It's a bit sad, considering that I used to run for an hour at the gym every other day, but hopefully this will be the start of that healthy lifestyle again. Everything comes in waves.
Sorry if this post was impossibly mediocre and bland.  Not much has been happening lately and I'm still shocked that August has come and gone, flown by so quickly, I barely remembered what happened. It's the strangest feeling, living in the moment, mainly because I've always been the person who attempts to anticipate anything life may throw my way.  The biggest life lesson I have learned since being in a relationship is that I can't control what happens in life and I will never be able to predict the roads and places life may take us.

It's all good.  Everyday we learn something new, we cherish our lives even more, we love the people around us to a deeper and strong extent.

The best to you.  Hopefully I'll have a new computer soon, to update more frequently from.

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