Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Best of 2011

As each new year rolls around, we always find ourselves considering the year passed, the things we have accomplished and are proud of, secrets we have kept, new friends we have made, changes and growth, all kinds of experiences both good and bad...

There are a few moments and experiences in 2011 that have stuck with me throughout it all. 

-Meeting M.  It was not the stuff of fairy tales or romance novels.  We met at a bar/club through my brother and things basically moved forward from what could have been a passing moment.  Being in a relationship throughout this year has been the most growing and challenging thing I have ever experienced.  I have been stretched to my limits with learning to accept M for who he is and becoming more self aware with regards to my own flaws and weaknesses.  I am constantly realizing that love is a choice not simply a feeling and it has been quite a journey for both of us.

-Paying off one of my credit cards.  My New Years resolution at the beginning of 2011 was to become debt free for 2012.   Unfortunately, I haven't been able to completely fulfil that resolution, but I did manage to make a settlement with one of my credit cards companies and paid off the outstanding debt in three whopping bills.  It was a very stressful year financially and I have two more cards I need to clear off, but I'm confident now that there is a way to fix these credit issues and 2012 will be the year to become debt free.

-Adopting Licorice.  Bringing a new member into the family is both a joy and a time of chaos.  Licorice settled reasonably well and although we had one unfortunate episode of explosive diarrhea while driving down the car pool lane on a highway, growing to know Licorice has been an enjoyable and awesome experience.  He brings to our little family an excitement and just adds that extra spark.  Mr. Cat doesn't know what to do with him half the time...I don't even know what to do with him...but he's fantastic.

-Moving to a beautiful apartment.  In February of 2011, my sister and I moved to a wonderful, spacious, brightly lit apartment closer to my work.  It now takes both of us three minutes to walk across the street and to our work places, which is awesome for early morning shifts.  Roll outta bed, brush the hair, slap on some light make up and waddle over to the hospital.  On top of that, we have a trail the runs along the edge of the escarpment where Licorice gets his walks and we're close to the downtown stores and restaurants.  When I was younger I always had this idea in my head of what I wanted from life and it was strange because it consisted of concepts like living in a walk up apartment in a trendy neighbourhood.  It's not exactly trendy like Locke St or James St N, but the area I live in is very nice, I have a beautiful apartment (it IS a walk up) and I'm sad to report that they are converting our apartments into condos and soon I will be forced to find a new place to live.

Sadness...lots of sadness.  Usually once a day I go on Kijiji and try to find places to look at, but I have been forced to admit that I probably will never find another apartment as beautiful as my current one.  Depressing but true.

Those are the main highlights of this past year. I know it doesn't seem like much, but for someone like me, this has been a year of big changes and experiences for me.  Here's to 2012 and more growth!

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