Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Summer is coming & how are the resolutions?

I noticed these beautiful flowers while walking the dog this morning

Speaking of the dog

I can't stop taking pictures of that guy!

And on an entirely different topic...I flipped through my sketch book yesterday and found a list I had made of New Years resolutions.  None of them are far fetched or unattainable so here's the list:

  • lose 30 lbs -- I'm at 10 right now
  • run the 5k Round the Bay race -- DONE
  • buy a good camera -- saving for this
  • buy a computer -- saving for this...coming soon!
  • pay off 2nd credit card -- DONE
  • start savings account -- decided I might pay into a pension plan instead
  • get passport -- still working on this

So far I think I'm doing pretty good!!  It's only 5 months into the year so I think I'm at a good pace.  All I need to do is stop watching tv shows.  Like Glee.  And Grey's Anatomy.  Vampire Diaries.  Misfits.  Etc.  So many good shows!!! 

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