Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Enjoy these little things...

I am spending the day off of work and home alone.  I can't remember the last time I did this as M is usually around to entertain me.  We go for walks and hang out on the couch, watching TV (currently addicted to Misfits), talking or sketching.

So it's odd to be home without him in the next room or on the same couch.  I can't say that I hate the quiet though.  We moved in together this past winter and have spent almost every day together.  I'm not tired of talking to him but I do feel as though we have become too caught up in each other and lack personal growth and interests.

Anyway, these are the little things of today that I saw & enjoyed...

Licorice after a midday walk in the heat.


An apple from the market, crispy and fresh, bursting with flavour 

It's a warm day.  Mr Cat is stretched out on the cool floor. 

Coffee from Locke St. Bakery.  Awkward moment when cashier serving me got upset at her boss/the owner and told him off in front of me...and the whole store.  The hazelnut cream flavour was so worth it.

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