Sunday, 26 August 2012

Finally back!

I have been bad.  Uninspired, lazy, busy... Call it whatever you want, but the fact is:  I haven't come even close to nearing a finish on my "100 Summer Loves".  Normally I try my best to persevere and make it through to the end with series that I start, but I suppose I was working with too big of an aim.  

My last number was 22, so I will try to atone for myself and blog a bunch more today.  I doubt I will reach the 100 number by Sept 21, but you never know! 

And on a side note... Matt and I went away for four days camping earlier this week.  It wasn't our first time camping;  last year we also went for a few days in August and had such a great time.  However, this year, after getting home from a 5 hr drive, I realized that camping is far easier and more fun when there is a larger group of people involved.  We both decided that next year we want to somehow make it less complicated or travel somewhere around the world.

Camping itself is exciting and a great change of pace...but the work required to set up and, even worse, tear down, is exhausting.  Maybe I'm getting old and facing the fact that my energy level has diminished, but I feel like it's time to start renting a cottage.  

Below is my list of reasons why I love summer, a reminder of the first 22 that I wrote.

1.  sand
2.  fresh vegetables and fruit (produce)
3.  the smell of fresh flowers on walks
4.  pedicures ~ cos your toes are hidden all winter
5.  the vibrancy of colours around us in nature, our clothes, everything!
6.  warm summer breezes

7.  the slow and vibrant sunrises
8.  all colour green ~ trees, bushes, plants, flowers, life!
9.  sitting outside on my lunch break at work, basking in the sun
10.  every night feels like a Friday night

11.  fresh smoothies that quench your summer thirst
12.  the taste of a camp fire roasted hot dog
13.  the smell of burning wood which buries itself deep into your clothes and can be smelled for days after
14.  the singing and laughing around the fire
15.  the warmth, the flame, the CAMP FIRE!

16.  hanging baskets of flowers
17.  fireworks!
18. the sun is still out when I'm walking home from work
19. bike rides on the nearby trails

20.  summer reading list
21.  greenhouses in parking lots
22.  daisies

And now I shall try to atone for my absence and post some summer holiday photos.  

L O S T 

On the rocks

My favourite person

23.  The sound of the lake and the waves 
24.  The colours of sunset over the water
25.  Sand sculptures on the beach
26.  Crickets chirping
27.  Sunshine kissed hair hi-lights
28.  More intense runs/work outs
29.  Reading on the beach in the warmth & sunshine
30.  Smores over the campfire
31.  Vacations!
32.  Dancing and playing on the sandbars 
33.  Swimming in the lake
34.  Bathing suits all day
35.  Flip flops

That's it for now!  I will desperately try to update more later this week, although I am working 3 12 hr shifts so things can get pretty hectic when that happens! 


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