Thursday, 25 April 2013

"Morning Glory"

On Tuesday night, my hard working and exhausted boyfriend fell asleep on the couch a bit before nine p.m.  I wasn't tired because I had taken a nap that day (something I rarely do), so I started browsing through movies and decided to watch one I had never seen:  Morning Glory.

There was a preview for Morning Glory on another movie I had watched a couple months ago and it looked interesting enough...I thought that a cast of Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton couldn't go wrong.

One, I love Rachel McAdams.  She is such a naturally beautiful woman and she plays her parts with grace and style.  To me, she exudes this touch of innocence with every role she takes on.  Anyway, the story went like this.

Becky (McAdams) is working as an assistant produce or something along those lines and gets called upstairs to receive a promotion.  Or not.  She gets fired instead and ends up scrambling around trying to find a job, any job, as they are apparently not plentiful.

She ends up taking a position of executive producer on a failing morning show called "Daybreak".  Jerry Barnes (Jeff Goldblum), the man who hires her, has no confidence in saving or rejuvenating the show.   Neither do any of the show's talent, such as, Colleen Peck (Diane Keaton).

The show has been failing for years.  It is consistently the lowest rated among the other morning shows AND it is a joke among their peers.  No one cares about Daybreak, the broken down morning show that has been on air for 47 years and is on it's last legs.

Becky decides to do something radical right away.
She begins her first day by firing one of the anchor, a sexist, misogynist and gross excuse of a man.  
Then she realizes she fired an anchor and starts flapping around like a chicken, trying to find a replacement.

Enter Mike Pomeroy aka Harrison Ford.  

I'm not too sure what Harrison Ford was trying to do with this role.  Most of the time he sounded like a mix of Batman and Clint Eastwood, growling at his inferiors.  Pomeroy is this character who has won a Pulitzer and other distinguished awards.  Where he was once a celebrated new anchor, he now is reduced to working on a morning show.

Becky basically blackmails him into getting on the show and thus begins the rocky relationship between...well, everyone.

On the side she is dating the delectable Adam Bennett (Patrick Wilson).

It's a very simple and predictable movie.  Pomeroy doesn't care about anyone except himself.  Becky fights with him to make him realize the world is bigger and people are important.  

In the background Colleen Peck and Ernie Appleby (Matt Malloy), take up sensationalist reporting in order to draw a bigger audience and boost the ratings.

She dances with little girl ballerinas

and she even gets into some sumo wrestling

She very much sacrifices her own dignity, while Pomeroy remains on the side, huffing and puffing about being a professional and driving Becky CARAZZZYYYY.

I won't say anymore about the plot because I don't want to spoil anyone who decides to watch it.   IMDb gives it a 6.4/10 rating, but I would be more generous and give it a 7.5/10.  

I thought it was fairly entertaining and the chemistry/banter between Ford and McAdams made it enjoyable.

Lots of screaming and yelling and angry faces.

Ford muttering "suck it" to Keaton under his breath was one of my favourite parts in the movie.

If you like a good rom-com--and don't lie, everyone does once in a while--you will enjoy this movie.

Have fun!

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