Wednesday, 17 April 2013

New Girl

Can I talk about how much I love this show?

First, I wasn't sold on it.  I'm not a huge rabid fan of Zooey Deschanel as everyone else appears--in fact, that was probably one of the main reasons I didn't watch it from season one.

Then I came to a sad acceptance of the fact that The Office (one of my favourite shows) is coming to an end this season and what else can fill the void???

At first I was mad at the idea of having to find a NEW comedy show.

So mad...Andy mad...

Now I'm over it.  Sorta.  Durrr.

Anyway, of course I already watch How I Met Your Mother but that show seems...dead.  The only amusing episode from this current season was "P.S. I Love You", which focused on Robin's...Canadianity?  Candian-ness?  Canadianish!

She kinda...changes--for the episode.

Back on topic:

The Office is ending, How I Met Your Mother has barely any high points only solace left was Parks & Recreation.

Not gonna lie...that show is pretty amazing as well. I'm not going to say anything else about it.  The following pictures speak for themselves.

I really hope you find those as amusing as I do.  Otherwise our relationship may be doomed.


I was looking for another comedy to watch but I wanted something different than the norm.  Then I was at my hair stylists one day.  She and I share very similar tastes in movies and books and she recommended the show to me and popped it on her tv.  I think we watched the first three or four episodes and I was hooked.

Where to begin.

First off, the character a pretty endearing and fantastic.  Zooey isn't as over the top or annoying as I thought she was be.  She possesses a certain quirkiness that keeps her from becoming grating. Plus, she's effing gorgeous.

Plus there's her hot best friend Cece.

Clearly the show should have a large male following. 

So Zoeey acts the main character as Jess who enters the stage brokenhearted, having inadvertently discovered her boyfriend cheating on her.  She's in a bad place.

Forced to move out of her home shared with her ex, she moves into an apartment with three other guys.

And of course, for the ladies' benefit, they're all hunka-hunkas.



and my personal favourite, Schmidt.

So of course, that is a beautiful set up for a sitcom!  All four of them (Cece is a more secondary character) get up to some wonderful shenanigans together. I don't want to say much more because I don't want to spoil it for any potential viewers, BUT I will say...


You will love New Girl! It's a quirky, funny, sweet and soulful show! It will steal your heart (and possibly your soul).

Go enjoy!!!


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