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Fall Fever: TV addicts unite!

I posted a while back about reasons why I love autumn.  We all know them.  Apples.  Cold snaps.  Sweaters.  Boots.  Jeans.  No more ungodly sweating.  Apple cider.  Everyone looks better with more clothes on than off.  

(To all you people who wear booty shorts:  

NO.  No one needs to see that.  STOP IT.)

But here's the truth that not many people will admit to:  *drum roll*              

The reason many people love autumn:

Summer is spent watching off-season HBO or British shows.  Everyone knows that.  But fall...our favourite characters return to us.  How we've missed them.  Maybe our seasons ended on a high note...or a low note...or a questionable one.  Whatever it may be, we're all excited to see the direction that our shows are taking this coming year.

Quick run down of shows I consistently follow and where we at last year.

(If you don't watch tv or you don't want to possibly be spoiled, you may want to skip this post.)

How I Met Your Mother

Anyone who watches this show knows we've been watching for years (no seriously, YEARS) for this pay off.  At the end of the previous season we FINALLY saw Mother.  And boy were we glad.  

It kinda seemed like we were never going to get to the end of what felt like the longest story in the world between a father and his two kids.  In the first few seasons it was cute how the story jumped between the past and present, giving us tantalizing little snippets of the future, but I think it's safe to say the show is dangerously nearing it's extinction date and it was a good choice to end it off at season NINE.

Season nine will be set entirely in one weekend and will also jog between past and present.  We will basically be watching Ted meet Mother in slow-motion.  I can't wait.  Okay, maybe that was a bit sarcastic.  But I've hung in this long and I am going to see this TO THE END!!! 

The Good Wife
Not many people watch this show.  I always preface my synopsis of it with a warning "this isn't a light and fluffy watch" aka "you're not smart enough to get it".  Apparently some critics think it has the best acting and plot line of all shows currently airing.  

As the end of last season Alicia's husband had won governor and Alicia agreed to leave her current law firm in a coup that would overturn the entire company.  The associates apparently want to start their own firm and although she initially thought it was too high risk, she changes her mind and decides to move with them.

My hope is that we see some actual movement in the inevitable love triangle she is part of.  Also, it would be nice to have some new permanent characters introduced.

New Girl

This is still a relatively new show that I've blogged on before.  I can't say enough good things about it:  it's smart, hilarious, quick-witted and full of very sexy people.  The end of season two culminated with Cece's cancelled wedding (Schmidt so happy) and with Jess and Nick getting together.  Bow-chicka-wah-wah.

I could write hella lot more about this show, but you should just watch it like I told you to last time!  For season three, my worry is that they will focus too much on the Nick-Jess pairing and lose the heart of the show:  Jess's weirdness.

Also, Winston kinda got the short straw in season two with his story line being very minimal and a bit boring.  As season three commences, I hope they bring a real love interest in for Winston and flesh him out a lil bit.  

Parks & Recreation

I started watching this show last year and had the delight of catching up on five seasons.  In the last season Leslie was elected as a town official and all the citizens of Pawnee turned on her when she criminalized the sale of a jumbo jumbo soft drink.

In some ways, I can see the show already has lost some of it's steam.  There are also rumours swirling around about Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe leaving after this season.  Understandably they are probably moving on to different (and bigger) projects, but if it happens they will be sorely missed.   

Rob Lowe's character Chris Traeger is literally one of my favourite tv characters.

Another thing I've noticed about P&R is that the characters a getting a little too...over the top.  This was a mistake that NBC's The Office made as well.  When the show had a small cult following, the quiet characters like Creed were amusing in a small way.  However as it grew in popularity, the characters became more outrageous and lost that genuine humour.  

(Community also suffered through this situation with Pierce.  His original zany behaviour got replaced by some loony tunes racism that didn't sit well with actor Chevy Chase ergo feud between actor and writer.)

I hope that P&R realize this and that the writers don't make the characters too far out.  I'm already seeing Ron and April devolve FAR too much for the first 3 episodes.  

The Vampire Diaries

This is one the worst tv shows I follow, although I must admit that it completely sucked me in and I can't give it up.  I'm hopeless in the face of TVD.  I would describe it as a "teenage" show, simply because the writing and method acting is so cliched.  That being said...somehow I do keep watching it.

In the last season we saw the exit of the originals (original vampire family), thus introducing the spin off The Originals--which I refused to start watching lest I also get sucked into that.  I did feel sad about moving those characters off TVD because I think all the viewers were getting comfortable and even a bit fond of those familiar faces.

The biggest problem with TVD is the focus being on the love triangle between the three main characters.  Although the mythology and other-world events are cool, it always comes back to Damon-Stefan-Elena.  And it's wearing thin.

Now they have introduced the very first vampire Silas who can appear control large crowds of people and shape shift, changing his appearance and confusing people around him.  Of course he is the ultimate wild card and you just can't help wondering...are the writers using up the last tricks they have up their sleeves?

There needs to be more crazy Caroline...

and a whole lot less awkward crying...

Downtown Abbey

FINALLY.  It's back.  This is an amazing British show that I always recommend to people who enjoy historical fiction.  Now entering into season four, we have seen the Crawley family suffer through many tragedies and celebrate some of life's joys.  After killing off one of their main characters at the end of season three, we are now left with the family picking up the pieces and attempting to modernize the estate.

I love this show.  I cannot say enough about it.  It's superb.  Maggie Smith shines as the Dowager Countess and always delivers her lines sarcastically with a straight face.

Each season offers up a delightful plot line with the characters growing and changing.  It truly is with a sigh of relief that the series returns and we settle back into watching their lives being played out.

For season four I would like to see Edith play a larger part...they have already started expanding on her role and hopefully it continues to grow!  As well, slowly the Depression will approach and eventually WWII.  I'm not sure how fast this season will progress, but I'm excited to follow along.


That's the list of shows so far! I hope you are enjoying the return of YOUR favourite tv shows! I, of course, have a much longer list of shows that I watch, but I am quite behind in almost all of them.  Hopefully I'll be able to catch up soon, just in time for the new seasons.

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