Monday, 31 December 2007

A Pastor.

Obviously, I'm not going to name names, or say who, which one, or what church, but
Does the man have a fear of silence?
He stated while he was conducting communion - "Close your hands and just be silent and thank God".
He then continued to expound on what we should thank God for. While certainly not a wrong thing, didn't he just ask us to be silent? Can't he be silent along with us? Does he really have to be so controlling, that he cannot be still and let God lead?
I am more and more convinced that he needs to step back. He needs to be less controlling of the services. I am of course not suggesting that chaos ensure with people rolling on the ground or interruptions occurring. I do think though, that the Spirit can be stifled, and that may very well be what is happening.
And in other news...
It's officially New Year's Eve (one hour in anyway) and I'm still thinking about all I have done and not done in this here 2007.

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