Saturday, 29 December 2007


Heading into 2008 in a few days seems a little grim to me.

I suppose that's mainly because I feel as though I once again, haven't done anything significant this year. I mean...yeah sure, I jumped into the pool of "professional" work, but that doesn't mean all that much to me. I still feel as though I haven't made the necessary changes and as though I am mired in one spot.

Here's the thing about hope...
Sure, it's God-given, He plants hope in our hearts for a future, but sometimes it seems to me that it is just a cruel trick that nature has played on us. It would appear we spend our lives hoping for things to be a certain way, hoping for people to be a certain way, hoping for more.
The question is...when, or HOW, do I become content enough to accept where/who I am? hope really God-given if it lifts us to incredible heights, only to dash us on the rocks of reality.
I know what the cliched answer to that would be..."If your hopes are in God, you won't suffer". But that's not reality. Reality is...that we all want things we shouldn't/couldn't have, and we all wonder why we can't have those things...

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