Sunday, 2 March 2008

A Brief Moment Of Interest

I find myself increasingly bored with things in life. At times I've noticed I barely have the attention to watch a whole movie. I credit that to the fact that I watch too much tv and am used to having the plot resolved in the usual forty-two minutes. Anyway, one thing that consistently interest me is people. People are fascinating creatures that I will never get bored with. It's not so much interacting with others that interests me...It's more just watching them and their responses to each, physical and verbal and emotional etc.


Here's something for you to watch...
I hope it doesn't totally destroy your sense of hearing.

In November around 65 people met up in our house for some pre-Christmas fellowship, and it was absolutely awesome. It was great time had by all.

Here's a little video clip of our singing.
Again, I apologize in advance for any permanent effect this may have on you.

So the first clip is of some singing that we did.
The second is just a walkabout I did of the party/house.

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