Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Walking Sleep.

That what it feels like I've been doing as of late.

I've been getting enough sleep for the past two days...at least ten straight hours, but I think my body is trying to catch up on the lack of sleep I've had over the whole past week.

And although I do not find my job physically tiring, I do find that my mind is tired, my eyes are scratchy and burn, and having to just go in is becoming a wearisome thing.

It's not that I dislike the job already. It's just that eleven days straight is definitely overkill. I can see the reasoning behind why God made the weekend. We all need those two days to rest and recuperate from the week of work.

Needless to say, I'm looking forward to Friday with joy and expectancy. A day off. A day where I will not have to get into scrubs, do makeup and hair, and go out. Although I think I'll have to go out anyway.

Here's the thing...
When I'm at work, I start to feel tired and am sure that I will fall asleep the moment I return home.
But always without fail, the moment I step through the door and take off my work clothes, I start to feel a tad more energetic, and end up staying awake until the wee hours of the morning, all the while berating myself and thinking 'I'm going to be tired again tomorrow'...
What a vicious cycle.
Okay, it's rather humourous.

I received my weekly email from Walk In the Word, and wow, what a great message, that I definitely need to learn from. You can view it here. Anyway, I realize that I do need to make this my prayer--
Lord, I know You are at work in my life and circumstances…even when I don’t see Your hand. I know You are working all things together for good. Help me fix my heart on You no matter how long I must wait to see a bigger picture. I believe You will bring all things around for Your glory.

Because I consistently try to make sense of things that are happening, I try to struggle my way through problems, I try to make my way through circumstances that are suffocating...when I need to stop attempting with my own might, and need to start relying on God to have His way through all these things.

That is all.

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