Wednesday, 23 April 2008


I don't do this often, but here, today, is a list of things that drive me insane.

-talking with food in your mouth

-water on the bathroom counters in restrooms

-gross porta-potties

-people who don't signal

-yelling/shrieking during arguments

-people who beat around the bush

-people who walk realllyyy slow in big groups at malls/stores

-people who refuse to tip well

-those who ask for directions and then don't listen

-obnoxiously long messages on my voice mail

-having to repeat myself

-people fooling around when it's serious-time

-lights being turned on while I'm sleeping

-loud neighbours

-loud obnoxious music late at night

-snotty people

-when I used to take the bus: early buses

-people who talk really loud on cell phones

-people who work in public-geared jobs but can't be nice for the life of them.

-stale gum

-cold showers

-drunk people

-girls who dress inappropriately

-people who don't scoop their dog poop

I will update as I think of more...

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Halley said...

Hi! Nope, I went to Scotland on my own without a tour (parts were a tour, but I figured everything out on my own). It's really easy to get around - buses connect ALL of the cities, are cheap and run all the time! The people are also really friendly and helpful!

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