Tuesday, 3 June 2008

This Is The First Post

from my new laptop! Isn't that too exciting? Okay, I'll admit, I didn't go high-quality but cheaped out for an Acer, but so far (well for the past couple hours anyway) I've been learning a new computer all over again. It's kinda fun, although I doubt anything will ever replace my beautiful desktop.

Here's what I've started doing again recently...reading. Books from the library. And I have to say, there are a lot of rubbish books out there. I took out three this past week, and I would only recommend one of those. The other two were complete wastes of time! In conclusion, I stress this to you dear reader...Avoid James Patterson. Run away from any of his novels, even if it's the last thing that you could ever read in your life! RUN AWAYYY!!!!!

I wrote this early this morning...
4:30 a.m. The rain starts falling, gently in a hushed chorus, washing down the windows and streets. It brings a promise of renewal and hope. Fresh air blows through the apartment, cooling the heat of closed walls. Refeshing comes at unexpected times, in unexpected forms. Praise be to God our Father, who gives freely and abundantly; who loves wholly and completely; who waits patiently and steadily; who fills utterly to overflowing. His love is like the rain...it washes over us, bringing peace, cooling our heated spirits, filling us with hope.

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scarecrowslady said...

I have read all of Chronicles of Narnia, and "Mike and Psmith" and have started LOTR:FOTR as well as "The Halidon" (ludlum) and "Arena" (Hancock).... so we'll see....

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