Friday, 10 October 2008

It Doesn't Remember and Oops Here We Go Again

My body doesn't remember the physical exercise I have inflicted on it these past three to four months.

After a week of zero jogging and zero walking, I started another jogging attempt on Wednesday night.
It's as though my cardiopulmonary system had never experienced a jog before.
I gasped through the last twenty minutes of it, feeling very uncomfortable.

And as I jogged those first few minutes, it felt as though I had never jogged before in my life. I felt as though I was doing something I had never experienced before.

It would appear it only take a week to undo months of physical activity.
I'm really going to try and avoid this problem. Three times a week will be my minimum physical work out.

But even though it was very difficult to sustain the long period of jogging, I enjoyed my run through the puddles of water that rain had left all over the tarmac where I was running. The cool spraying somehow almost authenticated what I was doing.

Getting comfortable with the stride is very hard for me to do. I find myself constantly disappointed with how little of a difference this whole jogging thing is doing.

And shin splints, on top of everything. Each step down feels like a bit of agony. It stops after the jogging ends, but greatly impedes me while I'm jogging.

Enough about all that.

People are generally very boring.
I'm discovering this more and more, especially as I interact with different types of people.
They aren't witty, can't think of interesting conversations, talk only about themselves, don't seem to have any interest in learning new things or being educated mid-discussion.
Yes, people are boring.

They lack this curiosity that comes so naturally to men and makes us so interesting.
They accept everything at face value and hardly seem to think about the daily occurrences of life around us.

Boring, boring, boring.

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