Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Nothing Interesting Here.

I'm typing this kneeling on an office chair. It appears to be the most comfortable posture at this very moment.

How has life been...

Strange. Almost unrecognizable to some extent.
I've been working afternoon shifts so I go to bed at three in the morning and wake up at noon.
I miss out on the general hubbub and bustle of the day, which I most surprisingly find myself missing.

Saturday night I went out for the first time in ages. I found myself bored by the people around me. I suppose that I myself am boring to many people, and although I comment on how unfriendly some people may seem, I am sure that I come across as cold and estranged in many situations.

At any rate, it was not very enjoyable, sadly.
Perhaps I need to exercise that social muscle more routinely.
The funny--aka tragic almost--thing is that I used to be the most sociable and friendly person in my family. I was always out with friends and doing all kinds of crazy business with random people. I found social situations easy to maneuver and enjoyed being on the town several nights a week.

Now I lack the stamina or interest to keep up socially with other people. I like being around others who can discuss-with some education-politics, religious topics, philosophy, the growing economic concerns, and other such mature things.

That sounds very pretentious. But it's not. I just enjoy discussing those things very much.
I had a long and great chat with a doctor last week about the social and economic reform that is very much needed in Canada. You leave those types of conversations feeling that you have been educated by the person you were interacting with, and happy that you have learned something new, even though it may be depressing news.

That's all.
Sorry about this very boring post.

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