Monday, 9 March 2009

The world sucks.

So so so many thoughts whirling around in my head right now, but what I can mainly think about and wonder about is how the world that we live and the people we live besides can be so evil and cruel.
How can "love" drive us to hate each other? How can we hurt and betray humankind?
How did the Germans justify the genocide of the Jews? How did they, in the their minds, tolerate the mind-numbing hurt and pain that they put those prisoners in concentration camps through?
Is it not scary how quickly and thoroughly we can be converted to believing something that is so far from the truth, it is completely unrecognizable?
Is it not frightening, the capacity that we each have in ourselves, to damage and tear apart those around us? Skin is just skin, a breathing organ that tears with external force and causes us to bleed, and even deeper is the heart that is metaphysical and can be hurt far worse than our epidermis.
Why do people continually opt to bring a child into this world, that has the ability to damage and cause so much pain? Are the brief moments of joy worth subjecting someone to the cruel and harsh truths that glare at us through the tomes of history?
Will we ever learn from our mistakes? How do we continue to make the some mistakes and choices over and over again? How can people torture other people and enjoy their screaming and tears? How is possible for goodness and evil to flourish together?
It's almost a curse, really, to grow up. True you might experience life far more fully than you did as a child, but is the loss of innocence worth it? As a child you might look up at black smoke in the air and imagine someone in the forest with a comfortable campfire to keep them warm. As an adult you realize that the ominous black spirals of smoke are not campfires around which a group of campers huddle to cook their meals...the truth of crematoriums and burnt bodies cannot escape your mind.
There is a definite wonder and joy in life and being able to enjoy and utilize our senses as we should, but always there is this awareness at the back of our minds...that something dark is in the shadows all around us, and it will never truly be gone.
I wish the world would open up its eyes and see what it has become...twisted by wars, famine, epidemics, death...It has become a place where dream are possible...but so are nightmares.


John said...

This, is weird, your posts on here are summing up perfectly my own thoughts about...stuff. First of all, My explanation as to why the world is as it is...dreams. I dont mean dreams as in sleeping, but dreams for the future, mankind has lost that touch centuries ago. We are slipping away from eachother, and the only way i think, to make things better, is to make people dream again. To many are living their lives under the assumption that they have to get a good job, they have to have the best education, they have to listen to the ramblings of politicians and world leaders, nobody listens to themselves. Sorry for rambling, but i truly believe that we can change, as long as we believe in the future. Dont give up hope yet:) Thanks for letting me read your blog btw.

Nan-chan~~~ said...

In response to an editorial challenge back in the 1890s - "What is Wrong With the World", G.K. Chesterton wrote,

"Dear Sir,
Yours truly,
G.K. Chesterton"

Which sums it up. We are the cause of our own problems - and there is something sad about people blaming others for their lack of morals or good sense or whatever it is that they lack and are inflicting on others...


But then, we also have great potential... so like Dumbledore said about the importance of CHOICES... (and Gandalf, too, come to think of it)

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