Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Things have been irritating me, and in order to avoid becoming hostile (I love the word "hostile"; it's so poetic sounding) I have decided to make a brief list of things (there's something about making lists that calms me down!) that have recently come to my attention that plain old piss me off.

  • Elective abortions are now called "therapeutic". You know what's therapeutic? Those little gardens that you rake when you're feeling stressed. Also stress balls, prophylactic medicine, sun lights during the winter to keep your from being depressed, physiotherapy, seeing a chiropractor, counselling...you get my point. The fact that the medical world has decided to turn abortion into something that sounds reasonably okay disgusts. I suppose it is related to my deep hate for abortion, but I think it should be called what it is: the ending of a life.
  • And on the topic of abortions, people who have "therapeutic abortions" as a type of birth control, and then choose to become pregnant and have a baby shortly after their abortions. What was the point of that?! Why not keep the original baby? Alkajfklafjl;s!!!
  • Extremely long radio commercials. I get that stations have to stay in business somehow, but K-lite FM manages to play maybe three songs an hour. Okay, obviously that's an exaggeration, but seriously! The amount of time that they spend playing radio commericals is at least over fifty percent of the time they play songs. And speaking of K-lite FM, why are people allowed to play that godawful station at work? I should not be forced to listen to such garbage for hours on end.
  • Filtered/screened blog comments. You're putting your thoughts and ideas out for the world to see, but you don't want people posting their candid and uncensored opinion on what you're saying. You're lame. No one should be screening their comments before posting them...that defeats the whole purpose of honest posterity.
  • People who drive under the speed limit because they're smoking/talking on their bluetooth/being idiots. They should routinely be fining those people, not the ones who are going 5-10k over.
  • Coworkers who CONSTANTLY call in sick or go home sick. Fire their asses already. They're not an asset to the team, and they're just frustrating and annoying everyone who works with them, so get rid of them. As well, they're clearly incompetent, so for the love of all that is good and green on this earth, FIRE THEM!!
  • Related to the whole sick/lazy coworker thing... If my other coworkers don't stop complaining to ME about the issue instead of the proper authourities (who can then successfully deal with the issue when enough complaints have been lodged), I am going to lose my freakin' mind!!! Email the boss and complain about it with recorded incidents, or just STOP talking/complaining about it to each other.
  • How about people stop dragging their furniture along their apartment floor (right above me) at 2 am? It's just weird and keeps freaking me out.
  • People who wear exercise clothes even though they obviously do not exercise---STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!!! It just looks awkward and terrible, and you CANNOT pull it off.

That's it for now. Quite an extensive list, but I am feeling rather annoyed today.

Tomorrow--hump day. Happy Pre Hump Day all you industrial workers!

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