Monday, 12 April 2010

How Unhealthy Are We?

Over the past few days, I've been thinking of all the unhealthy things that we consistently put into our bodies, and how that may be intrinsically linked to the soaring cancer and heart disease rates.

For example: people who are diabetic or on low-sugar diets choose to use sweetener instead of opting for white sugar. Ever read the list of ingredients on those little packages? All types of chemicals. (Interested in this topic? Check out this article.) So we try to live healthier by consuming less sugar, but then put chemicals in our bodies. And you think this is just pertaining to artificial sweeteners? I think not! Read the ingredient list on a bottle of pop or even certain types of preserved foods. The dyes and artificially created flavours, corn syrup, the dextrates, and other such chemicals...I don't even know what half those chemicals are.

The startling fact is that many people are A) not aware of what they are eating, B) are aware and do not care what they are eating, or C) are aware but do not have many other options.

Unfortunately, the lack of options can apply to many of us. Want something easy and quick to eat before dashing out for a run or off to work or out with the kid? Grab a bag of chips, or a Nutrigrain Bar, or any other type of food that can sit on the shelf for a few years without going bad.

The more I think about how unhealthy most of the food we eat is, the more I realize that overhauling your diet in exchange for something healthier is a huge endeavor. If you want to eat completely healthy, be prepared to drastically reduce meal and food options.

It's not a very heartening post, and I don't even want to think of the general lack of exercise our society has, so I'm going to close off on the subject here.

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