Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Just Two Things

There are two things that I am doing wrong right now (and for the past few days) and it annoys me that I haven't changed the situation yet.

1) Spending too much money on clothes and various items!! What happened to my plan of saving money instead of living pay cheque to pay cheque?? This is just getting ridiculous!! Did I really need to buy two dresses from Fairweathers? A romper from Old Navy? An overpriced knapsack from Sportchek? Pfft no! What am I doing wrong here? The answer is: bored shopping. Instead of going to the gym (no clean gym clothes is my excuse), I'm going to the malls midday during boring hours and spending money!! I can't simply browse; I HAVE to buy. The problem is--what else am I supposed to do? I feel as though I have nothing else to do at this point. Read a book? I've read tons. Watch a tv show/movie? Boring, done that too much lately. Weave a friendship bracelet? That's so summer 2009.

2) Lack of exercise. Last week I kicked cardio ass! I worked out 4 days, did tons of weights, pounded back the protein smoothies, and generally acted like a 'roid-bot. This week? Other than the daily walk to and from work, I've done zip extra cardio! No cardio...nothing. my mind: lack of exercise = fat. It's intrinsically connected.

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