Saturday, 10 April 2010

My Guilty Pleasure -- No.1

This marks the first of a series of guilty pleasures that I have had, or am currently having a love affair with. I'm going to kick off this series with a guilty pleasure that I just indulged in -- The Vampire Diaries.

I haven't jumped on the crazy vampire train. I don't own any t-shirts that say "I Wish I Was In Forks" or "My Boyfriend Sparkles". Although I did admittedly see Twilight and New Moon in theatre, and have both of the soundtracks (what can I say? the tracks are ballin'.), I still don't consider myself a huge vampire fan. One of the reasons is because of how much the mythology has been romanticized. Good vampires? Vampires with the sincere desire to make right life choices? When will a fad of "good Nazis" take over?

Anyway, the point is, the whole inevitable storyline of "brooding vampire boy tries to make good, meets soul mate human girl, eventually will turn her" gets old very quickly, which is why I was so skeptical of The Vampire Diaries, a teen drama/fantasy that can induce eye rolls, but also is gripping.

At some points in this first season, the dialogue loses lustre and actors/actresses sound as though they are reading their lines from cue cards behind the camera; it even gets a bit predictable with the "human damsel in distress" situations, but let me just say, the two reasons why I tune in with after week (with some excitement, I'll admit) are these:

Need I say any more? Hot, young, hot, smart, fast, hot, dangerous!, edgy, HOT, males!
Even the leading lady is (in my opinion) an attractive human being/easy on the eyes/smokin'. Proof:

There you have it. The plot line might get a bit wearisome and predictable at times, but the good looking cast is enough to keep me (and millions of others) coming back for more. I'm ashamed to admit it...The Vampire Diaries has dragged me under.

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