Monday, 3 May 2010

Work Issues

I'm listening to John Mayer at work in an effort to avoid binge eating junk food, which is essentially "stress eating".
What is it about work, that it evolves from being an enjoyable experience to being, well, work?
People always say that you should do what you love, but the fact is, you'll love doing anything for the first couple months, perhaps even years, but eventually the stress/wear and tear/general work environment will dull your love of your job.
In fact, I would put forward that people are most happy in jobs that are solitary and do not require any daily interaction with large amount of people.
Proof: look how happy landscapers are. They might work with one other person the entire day, be exhausted and tired, but still not have to deal with the drama that accompanies working with extended staff. Artists who paint in silence are proof indeed.
The fact is, each of us are individuals that unfortunately bring issues to the workplace, carrying our home problems in with us, and affecting the way that we treat people who interact with us every day. A fight with a spouse might send someone into an angry or frustrated spiral, that they take out on their coworker who unwittingly steps on their nerves.
Of course we all do this with family members, but coworkers are not family members, and so I don't think we should treat each other or be treated like such. I mean, I shouldn't have to listen to a doctor berate me because she feels like something isn't being done her way or to her preference. STFU lady. You make mistakes in your OR and no one rubs it in your face, so stop being a self-righteous hypocrite and go boil your head.
That is all. For the love of God, please do the world a favour and don't bring your personal issue or anger management problems to your workplace. We're all entitled to a peaceful and zen work environment, and I'M GETTING WHAT I'M ENTITLED TO.

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