Saturday, 9 July 2011


Sometimes I sit and think about the life I could be, maybe SHOULD be leading, I consider the ups and downs of what it was like before I chose to pursue this relationship with Matt, and I wonder to myself,
'Am I worse off than I was before?'
But the fact is, I can hardly remember "before" Matt.  I can't think of what I used to do.  I know it had something to do with sitting around watching True Blood and other such trashy shows, going for runs (far more frequently than I do now) and spending lots of time with friends and reading books at Chapters.  However, it seems so much fuller (and overwhelming) now.

Now I have someone to come home and talk with, to sit and hold or be held, to comfort and to comfort me. I have this amazing guy who is so thoughtful, he puts together my dining room table, does my dishes, walks my dog and considers me to be a beautiful person.

It's not about what my life could be or what it should be.  It's what it IS, and what it is right now is...wonderful.  Oh so wonderful.

Wonderful in the following ways (as I am now determined to make positive Lists--how I love Lists--to keep me joyful and thankful):

  • A wonderful dog is who quickly learning how to come when called even once off leash!  (All thanks to Matthew and the amount of time he spends with Licorice.)
  • Mosquito bites...even though they're itchy and red, they remind me that it's summer!  Yay!
  • A new dining room table that I got for a great price off of Kijiji!  Woot for bargains and for having a table to eat on.  Now we just need chairs.
  • The prospect of camping with some wonderful folks in August.
  • A jug of cold water waiting in the fridge for me.
  • Work which means money, even though it sucks sometimes.
  • Six months!   Hitting the six month mark and realizing that love is difficult but real...and I love him so much.  

Leaving you with this beautiful song (and hoping you are thinking of things you're grateful for as well):

Love and peace to all.

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