Thursday, 22 March 2012

A Happy One Year!

On March 21, 2011, I drove to a small town called Mt. Elgin in south-western Ontario.  I had seen pictures of Licorice on the GRA website (available here) and I knew he was the one I wanted.  His beautiful brown eyes drew me in.

My love affair with greyhounds started several years ago when my aunt rescued one, a shy little girl who would peacefully sleep in a playpen with my younger cousin during family reunions.  Sadly, during a home upheaval the dog Sadie suffered through some serious separation anxiety and had to be re-homed.  I loved her sleek graceful lines and knew one day I would have a greyhound for myself.  After spending several months looking at pictures online of the available greyhounds, I saw Licorice and knew right away he was the one.

When I called Bill, the man who runs GRA, I expressed I was interested in Licorice and he invited me down to the kennel to see the dogs.  The most difficult part of the trip was actually finding the farm, set in a remote area with confusing directions.  As I finally pulled into the yard and entered the kennel to the loudest sound of barking I have ever heard in my life, it seemed to me that I was starting something new, fresh and exciting.  There were at least thirty dogs all roomed in one big area and the noise!...baying, whimpering, barking, rooing... It was an overwhelming experience.

As I walked up and down the middle aisle talking to Bill about the dogs, I saw Licorice in his crate, staring at me with his soulful brown eyes.  He pushed his needle nose through the crate and gently chattered his teeth on my hand which was hanging down my side.  In that moment I felt reaffirmed that Licorice wad indeed the one and we walked out of the barn together.

The past twelve months have been challenging and rewarding.  M has been infinitely helpful with teaching me to trust Licorice; I have also been placed in the role of punisher when he misbehaves.  Despite his occasional foray into the green bin and recycling box, he remains my pooch, Mr Brown Eyes.

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