Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Morning Sun, Tea & Tired

Matt gets up at 6 am now to go to work.  I'm usually woken as well, by his moving about, rustling and morning kiss.  With the bright sunny days of summer coming, I'm finding it difficult to fall back asleep thanks to this.

The sunshine bounces off a mirror that sits on my dresser in my back change room.  Yes, I have a whole room for my clothes and shoes and yes, it is heaven.  Anyway, we still haven't gotten curtains for the apartment so the light is quite bright.

I hung a set of curtains in the wide doorway between my dressing room and main bedroom area, but they don't do much the black out the sun completely.  Despite my complaints, I love the sunshine and waking up early has made me realize that I waste so much of daylight hours sleeping.

That being said, I now have to go to sleep earlier because of waking up earlier.  I was dragging my feet during our grocery excursion and my eyes are burning.  The tea I had earlier did nothing to perk me up.  The warm sunshine I was basking in made me even sleepier!  

I am totally in love with my new Roots purse that I managed to get on sale!  I love a good deal, especially when it comes to Roots.

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