Monday, 4 March 2013

Josh & Amber Get Married!

After months of planning, my brother and his fiancĂ©e got married this past Saturday!  It was a wonderful day with many beautiful moments.  I thought I'd post a few pictures and high-lights on here. 

(Sorry for any blurriness. I didn't want to use my flash during the ceremony.)

The bridal party ladies.  They each chose and wore their own dress, all the colour green.  It was a funky and interesting choice.

The men all wore generic grey pants with suspenders.

Of course, Amber looked beautiful and Josh was handsome in a green dress shirt and grey pants.

Here they are, saying their vows--which by the way, moved quite a few people to tears.

Our significant others

My mom and dad from behind

My beautiful sister sitting beside me

And the look on my brother's face when he turned to talk to his girlfriend

My other sister, the classy pianist who played the processional and signing of the vows

Our little brother watching my brother sing a song for his new wife

He later climbed into my OTHER brother's lap

Josh singing a song to Amber was the most poignant moment of the night to me.  I saw him pouring out his heart and feelings to his new wife.  Having lived with Josh for many years, I have always known that he has had so much love and affection to give, but he had to wait several years until he found the right person.  I am ecstatic that he has found the woman who eagerly receives and cherishes all the love he has to give--which is a lot! I'll admit it: I cried. Isn't it joyous to watch our family and people we love come into a wonderful and good thing?  Isn't it amazing to watch someone be so fulfilled with their emotions and relationship?

Their first dance as husband and wife

I'm so happy for both of them and wish them all the best!

Now...who's next? 


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sean norris said...


Marcia said...

We shall see...

Bono said...

These are lovely photos and you have detailed them so well. They are a precious couple. And BTW you are too!

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