Sunday, 23 March 2008

[Marcia Is Saying] Freedom!

I find it rather tragic that we'll never completely understand how dark and desolate life was before the coming, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Bound to fulfill the law, repeatedly unable to do so, sacrificing animals as an atonement for sin, and grace not demonstrated to it's full capacity in life. No hope for complete salvation...

How we take for granted the gift of grace, faith, love, and hope that has been so freely extended to us, and which we can grasp if only we should choose to do so.

Everyday we take advantage of the greatest sacrifice, everyday we live by grace, believing with all faith that God has forgiven us, loving only because He first loved us, and being filled with a hope for a future.

As you pass through this Easter weekend, take time to reflect on your life now, and what it used to be. And if you don't a difference, reflect on what your life could be.

Have a blessed Easter.

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