Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Let The Rain Fall

The thunder is crashing, lightening flickering, and yet a sense of peace is more imminent now than it has ever been.

Thunderstorms remind me that there will always be storms in our lives -- we are guaranteed them. But even the storms consistency is a comfort.

As a child, I found these storms to be alarming. During the most severe storms when I feared that lightening was about to split through the roof of the house, I would inevitably leap from my bed, and meet my siblings in the hallway or living room, where we would eventually make our way to my parents bedroom for reassurance.

And that is what I believe God wants us to do. In moments when we feel as though the lightening may rip through what shelters us, when we need a comforting word or promise from someone greater and stronger than us, we need to turn to God for our hope and comfort.

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